Sunday, 10 April 2016

Back into the glasshouse

On the assumption that last Thursday's warm spell in Melbourne is the last of the warmer weather I've moved the crypts back into the glasshouse. They still get very cold at night (was down to 10C in the crypt boxes the other night) but during the day they warm up and I have to be careful that with direct sun they don't get too hot. Today when I took these photos it was 33C under the bubblewrap. I have recorded up to 45C under the plastic and the plants cope well (in fact its after very hot periods that I get C. wendtii and C. spriralis spathes). The water and pots are not this hot - (reminds me I should move the probe into the water not in the air!). There are a few empty pots scattered in the boxes. These are not dead plants but just potting mix that is "maturing" in situ. I have a theory that planting into an established pot prevents "crypt melt".