Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cryptocoryne cf. ×willisii (Aquafleur Cryptocoryne amicorum)

Edited: 9/05/17 to change the name

Cryptocoryne cf. ×willisii Aquafleur Cryptocoryne amicorum

Young plants waiting to be potted.

The dutch company Aquafleur propagates this plant and calls it Cryptocoryne amicorum.  The problem is that Crypt. amicorum is now widely accepted as a synonym of the older name Cryptocoryne minima and this plant looks quite different to Crypt. minima.

Speculation on the APC forum suggests this is perhaps a variety of Cryptocoryne ×willisii (presumably because of the distinctive shape of the leaves). For now I'm changing my labels to Cryptocoryne cf. ×willisii (amicorum). The cf. is an abbreviation for the latin confer and is used in this manner to mean "looks like but we dont know the real name".

Crypt IDs can do your head in.  I really want to get this one into emersed culture and see a spathe to have a better indication of what it really is.    It bothers me to change the name from the label that came with the plant... but it bothers me more that the supplying companies don't care a little more to get the names right.

Cryptocoryne walkeri 'legroi'

Cryptocoryne walkeri 'legroi' - a crappy photo of a plant that has now melted.  I have some coming back in emersed pots.  Seems a very fickle plant that needs no excuse to melt.