I love a good trade for new varieties and I like growing morpholocially different cultivars of the same species - e.g. I have 4 or 5 different "balansae" and a few different "wendtii green". I'd really like to get:

Crypt affinis
Crypt bullosa
Crypt nurii
Crypt keei
Crypt sp 'Silver Queen' or Florida sunset
Crypt balansae with really wide leaves (over 2cm) - Aquagreen sold one like this about a decade ago

or any of the other varieties that were once grown in Australia but are now "Missing in Action" on the Australian Crypt List:

Cryptocoryne auriculata
Cryptocoryne bogneri
Cryptocoryne griffithii
Cryptocoryne lingua
Cryptocoryne longicauda
Cryptocoryne minima
Cryptocoryne pygmaea
Cryptocoryne scurrilis
Cryptocoryne schulzei
Cryptocoryne striolata
Cryptocoryne thwaitesii
Cryptocoryne versteegii

... or lets face it... I'm always up for something new.

If you grow crypts or have varieties I have not listed and want to swap please contact me using the contact form on the right->.
Unfortunately for me Australian biosecurity laws prevent me from receiving plants from other countries.

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